Friday, 3 July 2015

My Mash Up

WALT:   Use our imaginationgs to combine interesting animal characteristics and combine them. 

Today I have been doing my 'Bodimmeta.' It is an invented animal combined between a dinosaur, a boat and metal.

This is really fast, depending on his feelings.  He eats fish.  He is 10 feet tall.  He does not drink.  He can go on land, but can't survive that long.  It gets hurt really easily. 


  1. Awesome work Sam! I can see he's a dinosaur and boat from the picture and it was very informative of you to tell us he's made of metal!

    What makes him go fast, is it when he's happy or sad? If he gets hurt can he heal himself or does he need someone to fix him?
    I love seeing your work :)

  2. You've worked so hard Sam! I can't wait to see you (and Jak, of course!) get your gold awards. Time for a really well earned holiday - have a great one! :)