Monday, 9 May 2016

dear diary


Walt view the world from someone else perspective 
dear diary… in the trenches i should be any where i could think of much more interesting things than this such as  playing with friends and family. All i could see was fire and all i could only hear the germans running at me we got told to get out of our trenches and run at the germans i thought only crazy people would do that,but in the end i was the crazy one so i hopped out of the trench and ran at the germans.i got down when i heard crack crack crack i got down there was a machine gun firing at me. Wow i was so lucky but not very lucy i was injured.


Dear diary I am still alive I could of died, I climbed into this hole were a boom had blown up .It was the deepest hole I have ever seen.I slide down the side, into the deep deep black hole,all I can think about is this going to be my last word,no I can't think like tha.All I hear is the crack of machine guns firing. I look up it can’t be it’s a german he slides down to  the bottom with me he is holding his hip and there is blood pouring out of his hand,‘jim says I have a safety kit in my pocket’.he wraps some safety tape around his hand you will be okay.


Walt view the world from someone else perspective

I was as smelly as can be I feel like crying but I can’t I have got to stay strong. Do you know that we don’t get new clothes.Well we do but only when they rip from catching on things. Mine won’t be on for long because the war hopefully won’t go on for long.I think it is almost over for as the bullets are dieing down I might go home so I can have a good meal.They have not fired a bullet for about 10 minutes so I think I can go home now.We fire just to see if they are going to fire back no they don’t so we can go home now.We hop on the boat and sail back to New Zealand. I get off the boat i see my

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